Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Goblin and the Butterfly

The Goblin and the Butterfly (TGATB) is an attempt to make a MMORPG with a graphical, 2D, client.

Since i am not an artist, i was quite happy, when i found (a friend gave me that link), where i could get a lot of free artwork, including animations.

The game server was written in C, at least, it was a modified copy of the MUD game server, the client is too written in C, using the SDL libraries for all graphical stuff.

It was a little painful to start with that game, but after i was more familiar with SDL libs and finally was able to display the first bitmaps and draw some pixels in game, i was very soon able to make a 2D map editor.

With a map editor making a virtual world then was easy.

Well, easier than using the text files, i was using before as maps..

There were several problems with the client, national keyboard layouts and such, compiling the client under Linux and Windows.

So, after not a lot of players tried TGatB and unfortunately no one stayed for a longer time, i found a guy in a forum about online games, who had some ideas how to make a successful rogue-like game.

And that was, when i started to work on Hack&Slash Online, a browser game.

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